KWOS Interview

July 26, 2010

Warren Krech and John Marsh invited me on the air this morning, and this is what transpired. Eight days until August 3!


Our third radio ad. This will start running on KWOS Tuesday as well. Let us know what you think. And be sure to check out the other ad that starts on Tuesday.

This second commercial will start airing on KWOS next Tuesday. Tell us what you think.

Jay Kersting and I had a conversation last last Friday. It’s a podcast now, which you can find as the first post here:

My time to shine is the second half of the podcast.

Our First Radio Ad

July 9, 2010

Our first radio commercial is finished. Here it is – with pictures!

Unlike some others running for office, I’ll tell you exactly where I stand – and give you specifics. We have a new ad in the NewsTribune explaining, albeit briefly, my top priorities. Here are some more details:

My top priority is jobs: encouraging new jobs through re-development of the old prison AND standing up for state employees in Cole County.

NEW JOBS – Our community needs new private development in the old prison. We have the opportunity to build a world-class tourist attraction and a magnet for new jobs. It will require a different approach than what we’ve seen to date.  We should not use the land solely (or even principally) for new state office buildings. There are many places around the county available for that purpose. The old prison should be reserved for attracting new jobs here.  

STATE EMPLOYEES – It’s embarrassing that Missouri’s state employees have either the worst or second worst pay in the entire country – and it harms our local economy. State employees deserve higher pay. While it’s understandable that raises are difficult during a budget crisis, it must be remembered that state employees did not cause the crisis – and shouldn’t bear the brunt of its effects. I’m against knee-capping state employees by doing away with the current pension system. And I’m against bailing out Ford on the backs of state employees. In addition, unlike some others in this race, I have pledged to NEVER vote to increase my own salary.

PRO-LIFE: I consider myself a pro-life, conservative Republican – in that order. That’s why Missouri Right to Life has endorsed my campaign. As your state representative, I would propose a constitutional amendment banning forever the use of taxpayer money for abortions. I also favor any legislation which would encourage Missourians to choose life.

TAXES: Our current tax system punishes enterprise. We can do better. The fastest growing states in the country have no income tax. Those states have tax systems that reward enterprise and thrift and punish the opposites. That’s why we need to do away with Missouri’s income tax and replace it with a FAIR TAX. I will also stand for small business across our state who do not have the resources to ask for hundred million dollar bailouts from state government, but yet work hard every day to maintain their payroll and create real value for their customers and communities.

Party at the Park

June 22, 2010

Party at the Park – July 1, 2010 – 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. – Memorial Park – Jefferson City, MO

To order meal tickets for Party at the Park, fill out the information to the right, and let us know how many tickets you’d like in the Comments / Ideas / Questions box. Tickets are $5 each and we will be serving burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda, and dessert. We’ll also be having a live band, Jefferson City trivia, a bounce-house and face-painters for kids, a washers tourney, bomb-pop eating contest, and a special appearance by Abe Lincoln.

I’ll have much more later up at the Missouri Record, but for now I’ll just say I’m vehemently opposed to Gov. Nixon’s plan to bailout Ford in Kansas City on the backs of state employees here in Cole County.

The Jefferson City Board of Realtors has endorsed my campaign. JCABOR members understand as well or better than anyone the problems and potential of our community and I’m honored to have their endorsement.

From the letter: “We are pleased to support a candidate with knowledge of the real estate industry and a dedication to serve their constituents. We commend your courage and compassion and wish you success in the campaign.

It’s been a while, but I’ve got a new post up at the Missouri Record. The Idea: what if members of Congress had to really live in their district?